What to Delegate?

100+ Tasks You Can Delegate

I asked my Assistant Sarah to come up with a list of 100+ tasks she’s done for me. Too often Entrepreneurs LOVE the idea of a great Assistant, but then get stumped when it comes to actually delegating. Pretty tough to have an Assistant take over the bottom-80% of your workload, AND babysit those 317 […]


7 Steps to Email Freedom

Email is a massive drain on productivity for Entrepreneurs.  It’s time to fight back! Below I share how I’ve cracked the code and now enjoy phenomenal email freedom. I’ve helped other entrepreneurs do the same, including a few famous guys including Andrew Warner, founder of Mixergy.com: “Tim finally solved my email inbox. I’ve tried everything […]


360 Delegation

There’s two things I hate more than anything in business: waste and entitlement. Keep reading and you’ll discover one of the most powerful tools ever created to dramatically reduce wasted time, energy, and money. (And – oddly – hear about Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner?) This tool works in any business, any industry, any […]


Keith Cunningham “Thinking Time”

I was incredibly fortunate to attend Keith Cunningham’s “4 Day MBA” Course. If you’re not sure who Keith is, he’s one of the raddest and baddest entrepreneurs on the planet. (And he’s actually “Rich Dad” from the world’s #1 finance book, Rich Dad Poor Dad.) Years ago Keith made $100M (you read that right), then […]