Loved the The 4-Hour Workweek, But Frustrated You Didn’t Get More Details?

This Step-by-Step Course Gives you the Nuts-’n-Bolts to Finally Work Less and Earn More!

webinar replay: “How I Setup Systems and Grew My Virtual Business by 50% in Just 3 Months”

Hello Virtual Business Owner,

_MG_4287 - Tim headshot - face-on looking out window - cropped (300x) copyMy name is Tim Francis. Two summers ago, my virtual business – a marketing company – hit a ceiling HARD and I nearly went bezerk.

Everything depended on me. I was maxed out for work and couldn’t do another stitch of marketing for ANYONE. My friends were going to the lake, having fun at festivals, enjoying the sun with friends and family while I was trapped in my basement 14 hours per day.

I Was Working WAY Too Much

I was a prisoner in my own cage.Illness

Worst of all was I’d already gone down this path once before…

In 2008 I worked so hard and had so much business stress, I developed a crippling illness called Erythema Nodosum. Literally I couldn’t walk for 3 full months.

I had to move in with my parents for full-time care, and my business nearly went bankrupt because I couldn’t work.

You’d think I’d learned my lesson!

Yet there I was – stubborn as ever. On the path to recklessly destroying my body all over again. Something seriously had to change.

Then It All Turned Around – in Just 3 Months

Taking guidance from a couple great coaches I started the process of putting systems into my business.

I read books and took courses. Most didn’t have any specific guidance for virtual businesses, so I had to adapt everything to my unique kind of business.

It was hard work, but the results were PHENOMENAL!

In 3 short months, my revenue skyrocketed by 50%, and – best of all – my workload went down by a full 20%. I was literally working less and making WAY more. I was stunned. Amazed.

Helping Entrepreneurs around the world

Business owners around me started asking me how I pulled that kind of magic trick. I started consulting a few of them, and before I knew it, I was being interviewed on famous entrepreneur websites such as and by the deeply-respected Perry Marshall.


Inquiries started coming in from around the world from entrepreneurs who wanted to put systems to work in their virtual businesses too – England, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand. Everyone had the same growing pains – a decent income, but a crippling workload and a stagnated business. Clearly entrepreneurs around the world needed help.

So I launched to help share the tips, tricks and tools that helped me with my virtual business.

And – seeing as most virtual business owners aren’t in a position to pay my consulting fees (usually between $10K – $50K), I thought I’d run this course. It allows me to help many more entrepreneurs get their lives back before tragedy strikes – a health failure like I went through or the break-down of a marriage or something like that.

Believe me, it’s possible to pay TOO HIGH a price to pursue your entrepreneurial dream.

May I Help You Build an Engine Room for Your Business?

I have put together a 7-session course to help you get started on putting systems in place in your business.  This is the first step in learning to build an Engine Room for your business.

$497 USD


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Success Stories

Here are a few success stories from other students, clients, & programs I’ve led:

Jimmie Jayes“I’m doing 1-on-1 coaching with Tim. Our consulting agreement still hasn’t finished, yet I’ve already made back 85% of my consulting fee through increased sales. I’m doing way less $10/hour work. And we’re just getting started!”
– Jimmie Jayes, Canada,
Travis Pederson“I used to feel like a prisoner in my own business. Tim helped me focus on 80/20 areas, then build system and people to do lower value tasks. I’m now making more money per project and am excited about my business once again.”
– Travis Pederson, Canada, LeadMachine Web Design
Patrick Thompson“Tim Francis knows systems. He knows how to optimize business so he can focus on what he does best, while ensuring the rest of his business runs like clockwork. He can teach you to do the same.”
– Patrick Thompson, United States,
TJ-Gabriel“I felt stuck, like something was holding me back. Tim helped me think differently. He showed me how to ease myself into the process with a step-by-step mini plan. I highly recommend Tim Francis and his work.”
– T.J. Gabriel, United Kingdom,

Perry Marshall

Perry Marshall & Associates

Tim has been a friend of ours for quite a while. He’s been one of our best consulting coaching students.

Sam Carpenter

Work the System

One of the best, if not the best, is Tim Francis. Listen to Tim. I support his work and his coaching and if there’s anyone I can give a testimonial to, it would be Tim. So pay attention and take him up on his offerings – he’s a good guy and he knows his stuff.


Double-Your-Money Guarantee

Study all sessions – live or recorded – and complete all Missions, and I GUARANTEE you’ll DOUBLE your investment through: increased sales, decreased expenses, decreased work for yourself, and/or improved life experience (whatever that means to you – I’ll take your word on it)…. or your money back.

YES, there IS a way to reach the next level

Today I’m proud to say my revenue is continuing to smash records every single quarter.

We’re on the 6th consecutive record-breaking quarter.

Systems just keep making my business better and better!

And my personal life is soooo much better too.

I’m back to being super healthy. Actually *healthier* than before.

I’ve now completed over 500 Crossfit workouts, recently lifting 365 lbs. I’ve also taken some dance classes (seriously!), upgraded my wardrobe and enjoyed the company of a special new lady in my life.

None of this would have been possible if I was chained to my desk, clients often irritated that I was missing deadlines, barely surviving from week to week under the crushing workload.

There is a better way!

I hope you’ll join us and I hope to be a part of your success story :)

All the best,

Tim :)

P.S. When I increased sales by 50%, and decreased workload by 20%, I literally saw myself differently. I suddenly felt like I was getting the success I’d always dreamed of. A few months later, I literally WAS on a beach (Hermosa Beach, LA) realizing my VA and virtual contractors were completing all of my work while I was soaking up the sun. Maybe the 4-Hour Workweek was more possible than I imagined… see you on the inside!