Keith Cunningham “Thinking Time”

I was incredibly fortunate to attend Keith Cunningham’s “4 Day MBA” Course.

If you’re not sure who Keith is, he’s one of the raddest and baddest entrepreneurs on the planet.

(And he’s actually “Rich Dad” from the world’s #1 finance book, Rich Dad Poor Dad.)

Years ago Keith made $100M (you read that right), then lost it all, actually going $50M in debt (you read that right too).

But then…

Made one hell of a comeback!

He’s quite private about his affairs, but it sounds like he’s now selling around $30M – $40M/yr through his various companies.

This time, though, he’s entirely debt-free.

Keith was gracious enough to shoot a private video with me where he shares his #1 Business Weapon, Thinking Time….

Keith’s been in business 40+ years.

Hundreds of millions won, lost, then won again.

And Thinking Time is the #1 business weapon he cherishes above all others.


I’m curious…

If you took 20 minutes for your own Thinking Time, what problem would you ponder?

Watch the vid and leave a comment below!

Onwards and Upwards,

Tim :)

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